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Shrin Murthy

Shrin Murthy

Vice President for Administrative Services, Dairy Queen & Hindu from India

Born: Small Village, India
Heritage: Asian Indian, Hindu

Be yourself. Be honest. Care for others. Care for your neighbors. Care for your parents and grandparents.

Shrin Murthy

Vice President for Administrative Services, Dairy Queen & Hindu from India

My name is Shrin Murthy. I come from the southern part of India. I have three siblings. I lost my mother when I was nine-years old, the age of many of you fifth graders. I grew up with my aunt and uncle. It was difficult growing up without a mother. I had to depend on myself and become an independent person.

We grew up in a small city. I went to school and participated in sports such as soccer and cricket. I also enjoyed bike riding. I graduated high school at the age of 15. I went to college and achieved degrees in science and engineering. I continued my education in the United States at the University of Minnesota.

I was raised a Hindu. Hinduism is a religion that is practiced by 80% to 85% of the Indian population. Hindus believe in reincarnation. They believe you come back to life as something else, such as another human being, an animal or other things. Hindus believe in doing good deeds, so you can get to God and Heaven.

Hindus have many gods but believe in one God with many forms. Brahma; he is the one that created the Universe and the human being. Vishnu is the protector; he protects the human beings. Shiva is the one that destroys the world.

You need to be nice to your fellow human beings. You need to always be honest. Hindus traditionally followed the caste system. A caste system has four different castes: ruling, merchant, warrior and farming. People from one caste were not to marry someone from another caste.

In 1971, I went back home to get married. Our marriage was an arranged marriage. The parents decide whom their son or daughter is going to marry based on family history. The two
families meet and they talk face to face about their family history. I did not have a choice. I just respected my family’s wishes and desires. You learn to love your spouse after you get married.

Love is something you respect. You share your feelings. We have been married for 34 years. We have one son together. In 1971, I started working for Dairy Queen. I started as an engineer and have been the Vice President for Administrative Services for 34 years. My favorite thing about working at Dairy Queen are the people. We are like a big family. The company has grown so much and people like one another.

My most interesting memory of coming to the United States is seeing the snow for the first time. In 1968, the winter was awful. I did not know that Minnesota would be so cold. I do not know how many times I fell on the ice and snow walking to school. I enjoy the United States for its freedom of speech, religion, standard of living and the opportunity to earn money. With knowledge, desire and hard work you can do anything.

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Always Care For Your Neighbor

Honoring Shrin Murthy

Always Care For Your Neighbor
(Honoring Shrin Murthy)

Always care for your neighbor
Never know a stranger

My name is Shrin Murthy
I was born in England
I am from Bangalore
In southern India
My father worked for industry
Mom died when I was nine
My aunt and uncle took us in
What they could they would provide
I was raised a Hindu
Something you’re born into
Through good deeds
You are freed
From another life to live through
Vishnu the protector
Shiva destroyer of earth
Brahma is creator
Of the whole Universe
I never knew my father well
I was on my own
Guided by my uncle
Who taught me all I know
To become an engineer
And get my PhD
I didn’t know it would be so cold
In this new country
When it came time for marriage
It wasn’t up to me

The bride I was to marry
Chosen by my family
Together we have built a home
Now we have a son
Who fulfilled my biggest dreams
To become a physician
To learn to love your spouse
After your wedding vows
Is so very different
From what I know now
Love is to respect
The differences we share
The feelings within your life
To know that someone cares
Starting as an engineer
At Dairy Queen
Now as Vice President
Of this big family
Your children are the future
One day you will be grown
Be yourself, be honest
Help those who are alone

Music by LARRY LONG. Words by LARRY LONG with Katie Paulson’s 5th Grade Class of Countryside Elementary School. Edina, Minnesota

© Larry Long 2006 / BMI