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Earle Brown Celebration Day 2007

WHEN: November 16, 2006 @ 2:00AM
Earle Brown Elementary
1500 59th Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN, 55430
United States

About the Event:

Earle Brown Elementary 6th grade students with Larry Long & Catherine Bufis

Honoring: Sra Eva Flores, Khoua Xiong, Esther Kamara, Steven Michael “Chip” Nelson
Teachers: Mr. Kelley, Ms. Martineau, Mrs. Umphrey, Mr. Wenndt

Koun Cho Ko & In Brookly Center Tonight : © Larry Long 2006 / BMI
Mi Mexico & Be My Dream: © Catherine Bufis 2006


Schedule of Events:

Welcoming - Randy Koch

History – Catherine Bufis

Process - Larry Long

Elder Procession:
Honoring Sra Eva Flores
I Love Mexico

Honoring Khoua Xiong
I Miss You

Honoring Esther Kamara
Be My Dream

Honoring Steven Michael “Chip” Nelson
In Brooklyn Center Tonight

Elders’ Wisdom Finale

Steven Michael "Chip" Nelson
Steven Michael "Chip" Nelson

School Custodian & Classroom Mentor

Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, United States
Khoua Xiong
Khoua Xiong

Hmong Teen Immigrant from the Vietnam War in Laos

San Quan, Laos
Sra Eva Flores
Sra Eva Flores, Mexico City, Mexico