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FAIR Celebration Day 2006

WHEN: May 23, 2006 @ 10:00PM
FAIR School Crystal
3915 Adair Avenue North
Crystal, MN, 55422
United States

Melisande Charles
Melisande Charles

Minneapolis Arts Commission Executive, Muralist, Clothing Designer & Trauma Survivor

California, United States
Honor Song: Follow Your Heart
Lillian Johnson
Lillian Johnson

School Librarian and Daughter of Immigrants from Canton, China

Galesburg, Illinois, United States
Gary and Mary Jean Sampson
Gary and Mary Jean Sampson

Navy Veteran, Operating Nurse

Minnesota, United States
Honor Song: To Give of Yourself
Valerie Valme and Daughter
Valerie Valme

Jamaican Fashion Designer & Salesperson

Kingston, Jamaica
Honor Song: In a Loving Family
Shirley Washington
Shirley Washington

New Orleans 9th Ward Commissioner & Hurricane Katrina Survivor

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States