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IDDS Celebration Day 2006

WHEN: December 19, 2006 @ 8:00PM
Interdistrict Downtown School
10 10th Street South
Minneapolis, MN, 55403
United States

About the Event:

InterDistrict Downtown School (IDDS) 4th & 5th grade students with Larry Long
Honoring: Mr. Johnny Smith, Mr. Charles Nichols Sr., Dr. Jang-Yeon Park, Mrs. Nasra Aden

Teachers: Mrs. Sherry Hebert, Mrs. Linda Siverson-Hall, Mrs. Mari McCauley,
Mr. Lannie Segebarth, Ms. Molly Keenan (Choral), Mr. Anthony Galloway (Percussion), Ms. Catherine Bufis (Music Teacher; Courtesy of Earle Brown Elementary School).

Produced by Larry Long 
Director of Community Celebration of Place
Project of the West Metro Education Program (WMEP)

Schedule of Events:


Elder’s Procession
Larry Long

Directed by Molly Keenan

I Am Proud To Be Ojibwe
Sherry Hebert’s 5th Grade honoring Mr. Johnny Smith

Traditional Honor Song
Mr. Johnny Smith

We Must Do Our Best “Waa inaan samaynaa wixii awoodeena ah si aan u gaarno guul”
Lannie Segebarth’s 5th Grade honoring Mrs. Nasra Aden

To Have Respect
Mari McCauley’s 4th Grade honoring Dr. Jang-Yeon Park

Family Song
Dohyoung, Doyun, Eunmi, & Jang-Yeon Park

Reach Out & Spread Your Wings!
Linda Siverson-Hall’s 4th Grade honoring Mr. Charles Nichols, Sr.


Special thanks to: Anthony Galloway, Choice is Yours Liaison and Program Coordinator (WMEP), for percussion instruction; and Catherine Bufis, Music Teacher at Earle Brown Elementary School, for choral & movement instruction.

Nasra Aden
Nasra Aden

Islamic Refugee from the Civil War in Somalia

Mogadishu, Somalia
Honor Song: We Must Do Our Best
Charles Nichols, Sr.
Charles Nichols, Sr.

Advisor to President Johnson, Director of Vocational Education & Founder of Flying Club for Youth of Color

Duluth, Minnesota, United States
Jang-Yeon Park
Jang-Yeon Park

South Korean Pro-Democracy Activist & Nuclear Physicist

Seoul, South Korea
Honor Song: To Have Respect
Johnny (Way-sa-quo-nabe) Smith
Johnny (Way-sa-quo-nabe) Smith

Anishinabe Ojibwa Instructor and Keeper of the Drum

Red Lake, Minnesota, United States