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Lucy Craft Laney Community School Celebration 2015

WHEN: May 27, 2015 @ 1:30PM
Lucy Craft Laney School
3333 Penn Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN, 55412
United States

Edgar Young, Jr.

Mr. Young has worked as a child protection counselor and social worker for 8 years with the Minneapolis public schools. Mr. Young is also a master martial artist and founder/owner of Young’s Taekwondo School. He is dedicated to his family and school community, and brings a level of energy, excitement and enthusiasm to everything that he does.

Mississippi, United States
David Branch

Mr. Branch took over the leadership of Lucy Laney School during its fresh start eight years ago. He is a former Social Worker, Principal and lifelong North Minneapolis resident.

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Richard Coleman

Reverend Coleman has been married 43 years with three daughters and ten grandkids. He is an example of faithfulness and following the call of God on his life. He gave up the riches and fame of professional baseball to serve the community.

Mississippi, United States